Gifted Kids in the Netherlands

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Teaching Math
innalessy wrote in gift_k
1. In English - try Mathletics.
They are strange with their scores, because if you've done a test 100% correctly fromn the first attempt you'll have less points that a person who tried it 10 times before having the same 100% and you are not reinforced better if you learn a subject in a day that in a week, but it's a good tool to study math, very funny and easy.

2. In French - Amicollege.
Very poor interface, but teh content is god. My kids know multiplications table from that site - I selected it from 10-15 otehrs and found here it's teh most effective approach for MT.

3. In Russian - a range of CD-trainers
They promise to translate the CDs into English by the end of the year. The content and educating technics are very similar to Mathletics, thus an interface is weaker, reinforcing could be better and there is no "progress tracking" system. Thus, they have really great CDs for studying graphs, movement tasks and equations(in Russian).
Anything more?


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